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Critique the work, not the author. Do not make personal attacks on the author. Stick to criticizing their writing.

• As an example, you can tell the author, "This needs work. The main idea's fine except for the X, but addenda are complete crap." Don't say, "You're a terrible writer. Why did you post this?"

• Feel free to suggest that the author consult resources like our guides and essays, workshop their work (in the sandbox, or spend more time reading the site. But don't be a jerk about it.

Your posts must contain some kind of content.

• Don't tell an author "The problems with this article should be obvious". If they were obvious to the author, they wouldn't have made them, and a post like that contains no content except obliquely insulting the author.

In short: Be helpful, civil, and open-minded.

Timeless Places' Critcism Policy is based on "Criticism Policy" by "The SCP Foundation":

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