How To Write A Space

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Spaces are places that one might enter whilst dreaming. inside these Spaces, you will write about what one can see and find inside the Spaces.

The goal is to create an emotional reaction in the reader. You want to actively be world-building, and create the Space you are writing about. You are not limited to just the picture you use, it simply serves as a guideline on what to start with and build off of.

Make sure the photos you choose have familiar properties (Liminal, Kenopsia, Dream-Like). These photos can be anywhere on the planet, or even from outside media, such as a 3D model or a video game.

"Give literally making your own space a try. Be it editing a photo, blender, or even your own custom map in a game. Though a photo will still work. It's best to get across all that you want in imagery."

Note: A photograph IS REQUIRED for a Space article, a drawing will not suffice.

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