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Leaving A Dream

• Dreams can be left through either dying inside the dream or waking up.

Colonies & Groups

• Inside of dreams, you are ALWAYS alone, although in the case of summaries, the individual inside the story doesn't know that this is true.

Using An Image Effectively

• Anything in the image you use, such as anomalies, objects, and the design of the space must be included or used in some capacity inside the article.

Referencing Other Articles

• When referring to another article, don't use the name given to it on the site, find a different way to describe it.

Entrances & Exits

• Directly writing how to enter or exit a given place and traverse into a new place is prohibited, indirectly writing on how to do so is allowed as long as it isn't done too often.

Omniscient Writing

• Omniscient writing is prohibited, writing as if you know all knowledge takes away from all mystery and speculation, keep it to general knowledge. Think, "what would the common person see or do?"

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